The approval of a septic agreement with the Township of North Stormont and Moose Creek Precast will include benefits to North Stormont residents directly.

“The council approves the proposed agreement for Moose Creek Precast (Moose Creek Pumping) (MCP) to dump septic waste into the Crysler lagoon in North Stormont Township, to continue providing septic pumping services to our residents at a discounted rate,” quotes the recommendation.

The cost structure proposed for this agreement includes a discount to North Stormont residents who have a septic tank. The regular costs for a septic tank pumping by MCP is $395. North Stormont will reduce the disposal cost by $15 and the MCP will discount township residents an additional $10 so the cost for septic tank pumping for North Stormont residents will be $370.

Blake Henderson, township Public Works’ superintendent confirmed with council that no hazardous or commercial waste will be deposited into the lagoon. The MCP is licensed for residential waste and that is what they will be contributing to the lagoon.

The Aqua Partners have been consulted and the volume that is expected to be received from MCP will not have a substantial impact on the operation and function of the Crysler Lagoon.