The new 2022 Russell council left to right are: Councillors Jaime Laurin, Lisa Deacon, Mayor Pierre Leroux, councillors Mike Tarnowkski and Marc Lalonde. Morin Photo

RUSSELL – Russell Township welcomes its newly elected and acclaimed slate of councillors and mayor at a swearing in ceremony on Mon., Nov. 21.

The ceremony took place in the Gaston R. Patenaude Hall in Embrun.

Pierre Leroux was acclaimed mayor for a 2nd term and councillors Mike Tarnowski and Jamie Laurin were returned to the council table along with new councillors, Lisa Deacon and Marc Lalonde.

Also taking part in the swearing in event were Police Village of Russell Trustees, Julianne Duern Bankley, Stephanie MacMillan and Mike Miller.

The tone of the upcoming term was set by Mayor Pierre Leroux who said, “I see the future as a Collaborative Community working towards a diverse and sustainable tomorrow. One in which the Township of Russell as a corporation, moves away from its historical personae of solely being a service provider and instead evolving to become a community partner.”

Leroux reflected on being able to sit in the mayor’s chair for another term.

He said, “Those who know me and my political journey, understand that I could not be happier. What started 12 years ago as a new challenge, has since evolved into a calling.”

In his inaugural speech Leroux said, “I want to thank returning councillors Laurin and Tarnowski. Over the past four years, my respect for both of you has continued to grow. I appreciate your insights, respectful dispositions, and ability to look at the big picture. We have not always agreed, and often we saw things differently, but our willingness to move on once decisions were made, contributed to a positive work environment and I look forward to continuing such a professional approach.”

Leroux offered encouragement to the two new councillors. He said, “You will bring the bliss of starting a new journey with fresh eyes. You will force the rest of us to reflect and reevaluate anew on many existing files, and in turn, we will share our experiences and knowledge. Moving forward, we will all determine the direction we travel as a team, bringing the community along with us for what is sure to be an incredible journey.”

Leroux reminded councillors that he was aware that everyone at the table would have their own version of what was in the community’s future.

“Some of those visions will align, while others will not, and that’s ok. Regardless of which side of the topic we find ourselves on, please know that my door is always open, and I look forward to working with every one of you to bring forward the best possible future for our residents,” said Leroux.