The new North Dundas council elect are, left to right: councillor Matt Uhrig, deputy mayor Theresa Bergeron, mayor Tony Fraser, councillors Gary Annable and John Lennox. Morin Photo

Joseph Morin Record Staff WINCHESTER – The results are in and a new North Dundas council is getting ready to sit around the council table. The mayor and deputy mayor had been acclaimed so Tony Fraser the incumbent mayor and Theresa Bergeron the incumbent deputy mayor already had their seats picked out for the 2022-2026 term. With councillors John Thompson and Al Armstrong retiring there were two positions to fill. Gary Annable just coming off his first term as a councillor had decided to run for a second term. The new councillors are Gary Annable with 1,910 votes, Mat Uhrig with 1,595 votes and John Lennox with 1,434 votes. Runners up were: Joselyn Morley with 891 votes. William Healy with 873 votes, and Stefan Kohut with 551 votes. There are around 8,000 eligible voters in North Dundas. The total vote count was 2,740 or around 31 per cent. Phone votes accounted for 20 per cent of the vote, while internet voting was 80 per cent. There will be one more meeting of the current council on Nov. 8 and the new council will be sworn in on Nov. 15. The first council meeting with the new members will be on Nov. 29. The school board trustees were all acclaimed. They are: French Public, Mathieu Tondreau. English Public Larry Berry. English Separate Karen McAllister, and French Separate Jacques Heroux.

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