From the left, front row: SS councillors elect Jennifer MacIsaac and Reid McIntyre. Back row: Deputy Mayor elect Andrew Guindon, Mayor elect Bryan McGillis, Coun. elect Cindy Woods, and English Public School Board trustee elect Curtis Jordon. Thompson Goddard Photo

LONG SAULT – The unofficial results of the 2022 Municipal Election in South Stormont were announced to the group of candidates, supporters and residents gathered in the council chambers by South Stormont director of corporate services/clerk Loriann Harbers at approximately 8:45 p.m. on election day, Oct. 24. The people of South Stormont have elected Bryan McGillis as Mayor, Andrew Guindon as Deputy Mayor and Jennifer MacIsaac, Reid McIntyre and Cindy Woods will serve as councillors.

Curtis Jordon was elected as the English Public School Board trustee. English Separate School Board trustee Karen McAllister, French Public School Board trustee Mathieu Tondreau and French Separate School Board trustee Carole J. Larocque were all acclaimed.