We do say we are thankful but what does that really mean?
Well, the Webster’s Dictionary says, “you are conscious of a benefit received, or expressive of thanks.”  Synonyms are blissful, delighted, glad, happy, joyful, pleased and tickled.
When you look at all these opportunities we can have in one day to feel thankful, experienced in so many ways, one may wonder how we are so unaware of these feelings.
We read it time and time again that we are responsible for our own happiness and if we do take the time to reflect on the good, more than the not so good, we do seem to be able to have a more positive outlook on things.
According to positive psychology research, gratitude “helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”
Wow, now that is a mouthful.
What happened to the simple things in life where we just move our way through, riding the never-ending rollercoaster of good days and bad days.
It does seem that many have taken on a new reality of not being so thankful. Finding the negative in so many things and more down days than good days.
As we come into the fall, which we all know leads into the winter where we have less sunshine and more people are affected by negativity, we can look at the things we are grateful for.
Those simple sunrises that bring a smile to your face, or maybe it is the multitude of stars in the sky at night. Whatever it is that brings that smile to your face, continue to focus on those events when the negativity starts to creep in.
On the farm, we can start the morning off seeing the sunrise, which yes, used to be at 5 a.m. but is now after 6 a.m.
We then head to the field with joy that the crops are coming off and we will see the fruits of our labour but 100 feet into the field we hit a patch of weeds and plug the combine; out of our happy place and into the dirt of the weeds and crop to pull the stubborn weeds out of the plugged combine. Back into the combine to watch the crop fall beautifully into the bin. That feeling of accomplishment, when you have spent the year working the fields, planting the crop, checking the fields for weeds that will decrease the value or yields of your potential harvest, and then onto the bugs that can cause great damage as well, to our current stage, the harvest. You will see at some point whether your decisions all year have provided you with the desired result or did mother nature swat her broom and not provide the right growing conditions to allow those bin buster yields.
Yes, that is the life of a farmer. No matter what type of farming you do, there are always outside attributes that adjust the result. The best planning does not always affect the end result.
We all play our part in the socializing and demographics of our community. We can be thankful for the staff that are in the business, so you can enjoy that cup of coffee or latte that brings a smile to your face, or the store attendant that makes it possible for you to get gas at the local pump.
We are in a municipal election, maybe start with being thankful that these candidates have put their names forward and are willing to put their valuable time to build a better municipality for you to live; thankful that you are able to go out and vote and meet these candidates.
The fact that the discussion even needs to be had, around not slandering nor spreading misinformation about these candidates is alarming. In a society where we are promoting no bullying, no harassment, it appears we as adults have not taken on the “practice what you preach” theory. How do we expect our children or the next generation to embrace this way of life?

The bottom line is, you choose whether you make someone thankful they have crossed paths with you or not.
Consider this as you react, and yes, as you consider your state of mind, consider that you are also affecting all of those that you encounter each day.