Jordan St. Louis and Katrina Geurkink stand in front of the Countryman Electric Ltd. office in Chesterville. Courtesy Photo

Countryman Electric Ltd. enjoys a half-century of success

CHESTERVILLE – Countryman Electric Ltd. has been serving Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, and the surrounding area for half a century.

The electrical contracting and generator sales operation has been purchased by employee Jordan St. Louis.

Long-time employees John Hopmans, Paul Fournier, Bill Pynenburg, and Mike Cassell took over ownership of the busy electrical company in the early 1970s from George and Margaret Countryman. The couple founded the Chesterville company in 1962. Now, once more, Countryman Electric Ltd. has moved forward with a change in ownership.

Jordan St. Louis, who has been working at the company for the past five years, jumped at the chance to purchase the company when the current owners started to think about their retirement plans.

The change in ownership took place on May 15, 2022.

When St. Louis started thinking about his retirement down the road, he could not pass up the opportunity to purchase the company.

Countryman Electric Ltd. offers generator sales, electrical contracting for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects, whether big or small.

They are specialists in farm related electrical projects and make agricultural electrical contracting a large part of their work.

St. Louis said they are in it for the long haul servicing past and present customers.

He does not see any significant changes in direction for the company. He hopes to increase staff as time goes by and to maintain the current busy schedule that already exists for the business.

St. Louis has the advantage of having an experienced crew to help him learn all about the administration part of his business. An electrician by trade, and experienced in the field, he is looking forward to honing his expertise at the other side of electrical work in the office.

“The staff will be guiding me along the way and will be there to give me advice when I need it,” he said.

St. Louis works alongside Katrina Geurkink who does the accounting.

The past owners, still working at Countryman Electric Ltd. have almost a half-century of experience in the field and in the office; St. Louis said he will take advantage of that experience.

“They have a great deal of experience,” said St. Louis.

Working in the field on the frontline and then working in the office makes for a busy day said St. Louis.

“But I am enjoying it. I always wanted something like this to happen.”

He said they would be hiring a fifth electrician to help out.

“Nothing is changing and it is business as usual.”

St. Louis has had an interesting journey to where he is today. Originally when he was in school, his main interest was electrical engineering, working on circuit boards, for example.

He went to the Seaway District High School in Iroquois.

Along the way, he did an apprenticeship at Ford Electric in Brockville and worked there for several years, then he came to Countryman Electric Ltd.

A significant part of their business includes the sale of electric generators.

“The big diesel generators are for grocery stores and farms, golf courses,” said St. Louis.

They deal with reputable and proven companies like Sommers, Winco, and Briggs and Stratton.

Countryman Electric Ltd. has an established reputation and track record for ensuring their clients receive the best service possible. That means taking the time to listen to what a client expects and dealing with any challenges that come along with a project.

They can work on new farm building construction, renovation and the maintenance of existing electrical equipment and lines.

“We do a bit more agricultural work than anything else, but we touch on everything. You will be working in a barn one day and the next day in a house.”

They do retail and commercial projects, as well as new homes, additions, and repairs. If it is an industrial project, you need service for, they can do that as well.

Countryman Electric Ltd. has generators for every kind of situation.

They sell Diesel, Tractor driven PTO, two bearing generators, automatic transfer switches, manual transfer switches, portable generators, residential NG and LP, commercial industrial NG and LP.

For more information about Countryman Electric Ltd. call 613-448-2474 or 888-388-1117.

They can be reached at: and their website is:

Countryman Electric Ltd. is located at 13592 County Rd 43 Chesterville, ON  K0C 1H0.


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