From the left: Connor Armstrong, beside the stump grinder and Bobby Armstrong in front of the inline tube wrapper, were recipients of a grant from the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre’s Summer Company grant program. Courtesy Photo

NORTH STORMONT – Bobby Robinson of Finch and Connor Armstrong of Crysler recently learned they received a grant from the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre’s Summer Company grant program. This program provides young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn about how businesses are run and developed.

Robinson and Armstrong are both students at Tagwi Secondary School in North Stormont and received the information about the program from their school guidance counsellor. The application procedure included filling out an application that “included having to create and submit a business plan. I had to include the start-up costs, target audience, and pricing in my business plan” explained Armstrong. Robinson mentioned a similar process, noting how a 4-H Club he had taken previously, provided him with invaluable information on how to set up a business plan.

Armstrong’s business is called “Armstrong Stump Grinding and Hedge Removal”. The company involves grinding stumps and removing hedges. “I will then clean up the area and fill the holes with topsoil. I will also re-seed the area” he continued, explaining removing a stump makes lawn maintenance much easier. Robinson has named his company “Baler Bob Custom Work” and will be wrapping the large square or round bales of hay or straw using an inline tube wrapper.

The funding is for a summer business, but both mention their businesses can be operated from the early spring until the fall. Robinson mentioned how in the future he would like to expand the services he can provide to clients, perhaps “buying an excavator to clear land and do excavation work” or other lines of agricultural work. Armstrong noted how he has purchased the stump grinder, to continue his work through the fall and next summer. He commented how he is planning to expand the services he offers to customers and is willing to consider requests from them.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn about how to run a business, how to start and all the work that goes in behind the scenes to your business” Robinson commented, after saying he would recommend this program to others who are considering it in the future. Armstrong mentioned how the program “encourages young people to start a small business” and provides support and information about running a business.

Both young entrepreneurs mentioned the program provides them with the opportunity to learn about starting a business. They have had to register the business in the province and set up a business bank account, as well as learn about advertising their business. Armstrong and Robinson both agreed they would recommend this program to other young people.

If you are interested in contacting Armstrong Stump Grinding and Hedge Removal, you can call 613-581-7193 or email Baler Bob Custom Work can be reached at 613-984-2027.