Unique homemade candles, candle wax sets, and gift packages, are now available at Kala’s Creations, a Winchester-based small business created by Kala Daalmeyer. In addition to a wide variety of scents, Kala’s Creations offers both nine-ounce and 16-ounce candles, as well as wax melts. To see individual candles, as well as gift packages, visit Kala’s Creations’ Facebook page. Courtesy Photo

Kala’s Creations lights the way with locally crafted, uniquely scented candles

WINCHESTER – Those looking for great gift ideas or those who are simply interested in sweetening the air in their own home should check out Kala’s Creations.

“My products are in Merrickville at the moment at Bulldog Antiques and Collectibles,” owner Kala Daalmeyer said.

The Winchester-based entrepreneur uses her knowledge, curiosity, creativity, and passion for learning new things to create unique homemade candles and wax melts for every occasion. Born of necessity but molded by passion, Kala’s Creations is a new business with an abundance of heart and potential.

“I always found candles interesting. Ever since I was a young age, I remember playing in the wax with my hands and using toothpicks to colour or to draw designs on candles,” Daalmeyer said. “Last year, I was off work for a few months, so I needed to keep my mind busy, so I figured why not try doing something I love. So, I tried doing candles and I fell in love with it.”

Daalmeyer’s newfound entrepreneurial endeavour keeps her creatively engaged in the process, and with the anxiety of living in today’s world, she said keeping busy is a necessity. Fortunately for Daalmeyer, making candles not only keeps her busy, but it also feeds her passion.

“I like to go on Pinterest. I usually look at their ideas and I take what they did and just make it into my own. I make it a little more eye-catching,” Daalmeyer said, adding that she gives some of her products’ funny names, like Monkey Farts, for instance. “So, I try to do something that’s eye-catching and something that’s going to be fun.”

Kala’s Creations candles are soy-based, she said, noting that she chose to stay away from paraffin wax, which can be harmful to a person’s lungs, and to the environment. The decision to pursue her candle-making business led to a lot of research on the subject, as well as some experimentation.

“Mine is 100 per cent soy wax, and I make nine-ounce candles and 16-ounce candles. I also use recycled spice jars and recycled mason jars, so pretty much 80 per cent of my products are recycled,” Daalmeyer said. “I also do wax melts and gift sets.”

Kala’s Creations come in a variety of scents and sizes. Her Facebook page showcases her products via photos and videos. Some of the many and varied scents currently available are Maple Berry, Lavender, Peaches and Cream, Rose, and so much more.

“Every day I’m coming out with a bunch of new candles, but the few scents that I know I will always have, are the Sunflower one, Monkey Farts, Rainforest Orchid, and then I’m always going to have my $5-bag of wax melts. So, that comes with eight wax melts in there,” she said. “I’m always going to have my spice jar ones with dried flowers in them, as well. I’m always going to have my nine-ounce and 16-ounce jars.”

While there’s no storefront in Winchester just yet, Kala’s Creations can be purchased directly from Daalmeyer by contacting her through Facebook or email. She said those who live locally can pick up, or depending on the distance, Daalmeyer will deliver. In addition, she said she’s been approached by the owners of a sunflower farm in Monkland who are also interested in selling her candles this summer.

“She reached out to me, and she wants to sell my sunflower candles there this summer,” Daalmeyer said. “I’m very grateful that this community is very helpful. It’s nice to come into a community where everybody wants to help each other, and they just want everybody to be successful. I find, out here, everybody’s amazing.”

Daalmeyer, who moved from Rockland to Winchester with her parents roughly five years ago, currently works at an Amazon warehouse. Her hope, however, is to have her own store in Winchester or just outside the village.

“I really hope it does take off, I would love to have my own little candle shop somewhere in town or just outside of town,” she said. “Doing something I love, it’s my dream.”

To learn more about Kala’s Creations, visit Daalmeyer’s Facebook page (facebook.com/profile.php?id=100058998465020) or send her an email (kaladaalmeyer@yahoo.ca). Kala’s Creations can be purchased at Bulldog Antiques and Collectibles in Merrickville.

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