EMBRUN – The township of Russell’s first council meeting of the month saw three items related to subdivision recommendations, one each in Russell, Limoges, and Embrun.

The Nov. 1 council meeting saw planning director Dominique Tremblay recommend, with backing from the Planning Advisory Committee, that council approve the conditions set out in the draft plan of subdivision for Melanie Construction Inc. for the Russell property and the draft plan of subdivision for Elicor Developments Inc. for the Limoges property, as well as the authorization to execute a subdivision agreement with Rochon-Lemieux for the property in Embrun. While all were approved, the first two requests were pulled for follow-up discussion and a separate vote.

The Russell property is legally described as Concession 2, Part of Lot 11. While it was mentioned that this design had already been approved in 2018, both Coun. André Brisson and Coun. Cindy Saucier each had concerns about park space and the location of paths leading to that space.

Tremblay said she’d caution council against trying to decide where to put things before knowing what the landscape is going to look like. In response, Saucier said she felt that now is the time to make changes, as the township is in the process of trying to make subdivisions safer for families and seniors.

Politicians also discussed lot sizes and the potential for public parking, which Tremblay said could be looked at when the municipality reviews its zoning bylaw in the coming year.

In the end, Brisson asked for the Russell subdivision request to be amended and Coun. Mike Tarnowski seconded the request. Tremblay amended the recommendation to ensure the path to the open space will be six metres wide at the preferred location that leads to the open space and connects sidewalks, as well as the addition of an official pathway east of the entrance, resulting in a second entrance. Council unanimously approved the recommendation.

The Limoges property is legally described as Concession 10 N, Part of Lot 15. Saucier first voiced an issue with the fact that a park is not being erected.

Director of Parks and Recreation Céline Guitard assured her that there is enough green space for that area already.

Saucier requested a recorded vote. The recommendation passed with all in favour except Saucier.

“I have too many questions and concerns,” Saucier said. “I’d like to see the Environmental Impact Study. I don’t feel comfortable approving it at this time.”

The final subdivision recommendation discussed during the November 1 council meeting was for the authorization to execute a subdivision agreement with Rochon-Lemieux for Phase 6B of Place St. Thomas for Part of Lots 24, 31, 32, and block 52 in Embrun.

This was approved without additional discussion.