HALLVILLE – Residents of the small village of Hallville have been waiting to see their local park area developed.

Some land had been set aside for the development of a park for the village by the developer as well as an additional small parcel of land to be used as open space or passive park.

That extra land has been transferred over to South Nation Conservation, (SNC).

In 2014, the site plan for the Silver Creek Estates subdivision included a pledge from estate developers to give 5 per cent of the total area of their planned subdivision, over to the municipality to be used as park area.

The approved draft plan for the subdivision included a parcel of land called Block 38 to be used as a passive park and a possible site for a community garden. Block 38 is around 2.1578 hectares or 5.33 acres. Silver Creeks Estate developer only has to provide 5 per cent of their estate area for a park and Block 38 brings the developers donation total to 9.4 per cent.

The estate area totals 20.4 hectares or 50.42 acres.

In early June of this year the municipality received word that it would be receiving $2,000,950 in funding for the development of the park, thanks to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

The new funding will be used to launch the development of the Hallville Park. North Dundas is kicking in $727,742 toward the park’s development.

Now that the new funding will ensure the original park can be developed, the need for Block 38 is not as great.

The North Dundas council has come up with a way to maintain the gifted green space by transferring the land to (SNC).

Councillors did just that at their June 9 meeting.

Block 38 is only 328 meters away from the proposed park in Hallville.

A few years ago, numerous trees were planted on Block 38 in collaboration with

South Nation Conservation. These trees have flourished and can be seen from County Rd. 43.

The report submitted to council from Calvin Pol the director of planning, building and enforcement for North Dundas, regarding the land transfer to SNC stated:  “Given these factors, and that South Nation Conservation (SNC) has expressed an interest in Block 38, it is recommended that council donate Block 38 to the South Nation Conservation as a passive park. With this parcel, SNC can improve forest cover, ensure healthy and safe waterway (Wylie Creek), and provide a public recreational area.”