Winchester couple is off to Africa
Vince Zandbelt and his wife Charlene pose with Vince’s father’s DKW motorcycle, which was the centerpiece for his fundraising campaign for Ride for Dad this past summer. Joining them is family member Calvin. Morin Photo

WINCHESTER—This year has been an unusual one for all of us including Winchester’s Vince Zandbelt, the organizer of Bike Night in Winchester.

Bike Night is a great opportunity to fundraise for various local causes.

The pandemic caused Bike Night to be cancelled, so, Zandbelt decided to come up with Plan B.

He kicked off a fundraiser for Ride for Dad and because of his effort, won the big prize from the Ride for Dad group for top fundraiser. The prize is a 14-day African motorcycle trip courtesy of Renedian Adventures Global Motorcycle Expeditions.

He was surprised by the news.

“It was not on my bucket list. I never really thought about it. But when it comes up, I will be glad to put a check mark beside it,” said Zandbelt.

My wife Charlene is going to come with me. She was even more excited than I was when I told her.”

Zandbelt is all about volunteering in his community.

Earlier in the year, he found and restored the DKW 1965 motorcycle his father had owned as a young man in Holland. He presented it to him on his 90th birthday.

The mix of honouring his father’s youth, and the Ride for Dad campaign was a natural fit.

He took the bike around the countryside all summer long and asked individuals and groups who donated to Ride For Dad to pose for a picture standing with the bike. He later put all of the pictures together in a video created by Reid Zandbelt so that everyone could enjoy this amazing moment of community giving.

He travelled all over Dundas County even going into Ottawa to find more sponsors.

The contest was Canada wide and Zandbelt raised over the $17,000 through the Ottawa Motorcycle Ride for Dad chapter.

Executive director of Ride for Dad Canada, Rob Taylor said, “Volunteer fundraisers have been the lifeblood of the Ride for Dad fight against prostate cancer for over 20 years. We are humbled by the incredible efforts undertaken by Vince and hundreds of volunteers across Canada during these very challenging times. Prostate cancer didn’t stop for COVID and neither did the Ride for Dad fight.”

Renedian Adventures has several motorcycle adventures. This particular one is called Two Oceans. Zandbelt will be joined by his wife Charlene, who like her husband is an avid motorcyclist.

The tour has a bit of everything that would make for the perfect motorcycle adventure.

There are mountain passes to drive over and through, ocean roads, incredible food and wonderful African hospitality. The tour is designed for flexibility, especially for couples. Activities include surfing, golf, spa days, wine tours, horse riding on the beach, world’s highest bungee jumping, shark cage diving, yoga or shopping.

It came out of left field; I was not expecting that whatsoever.

“It’s going to be a heck of a trip,” said Zandbelt.

“I was thinking of getting a go-pro and mounting it on the bike or on my helmet, that way I can just turn it on and edit later, but I want to enjoy the trip too,” he said.

The adventure the couple is going on is called Ocean to Ocean Adventure. It goes from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean.

“I have dived before. I think it is pretty safe. I might try that but I am not sure about the bungee jumping,” said Zandbelt.

The Winchester couple is waiting for Covid to settle down and hope to go on their trip next year.