Dar Peterson of Osgoode loves to write. Courtesy Photo

OSGOODE – Dar Peterson loves to write and loves to tell a good story.

When not managing Peterson Custom Farming and grain elevator with her husband, Ivan and son Jarret, she has found the time and energy to write many short stories, poems and songs as well as her first novel called Reunions followed by a sequel called Unity.

Reunions is about love, and betrayal, rebuilding and surviving.

A synopsis about Reunions states: “Elle thought her life was perfect. She had a strong marriage, two amazing sons, a summerhouse, and a successful and creative career. Then, out of the blue, her husband of thirty years leaves her for another woman. Struggling to pick up the pieces of her life, Elle leans on her children and friends for support, pouring her time into her art and writing.

As things begin to improve and she starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel, she runs into an old high school friend, whom she learns has carried a flame for her all these years. She delights in exploring this passionate new relationship, and soon feels that her trauma is behind her. That is, until her ex-husband tries to force himself back into her life. Elle tries desperately to move forward without him, but soon finds he isn’t ready to let her go-and is willing to do anything to get his way.”

Peterson said, “I have always enjoyed writing. I wrote in a family journal from 1988 up until 2016. My last entry in the journal was the day my son Justin died at the age of 26 in a snowmobiling accident. A few years later I realized that I needed to write again. I couldn’t stop writing, and before I knew it, I had written a book.”

The next step in her literary journey was to find a way to have her book published.

“I wasn’t too sure what to do with it, so I sent the manuscript to Friesen Press, and to my surprise they loved it and were willing to work with me to publish it,” said Peterson.

Her fulltime job takes up a great deal of her time and finding the time to write is an issue she met head on with a disciplined writing process.

“Work takes up a lot of my time so it’s great that we own property in Merrickville,” she said.

“That’s where I would spend my weekends getting lost in writing. I love to draw, write poetry and songs as well. The drawings and poetry in both Reunions and Unity are my own work.

In writing her sequel Unity, Peterson had to ensure she had not strayed far from her original story and characters she created in Reunions.

“Writing the first book was not nearly as challenging as the sequel. I’m pretty sure I re-read Reunions at least ten times to make sure that Unity had the correct information and story line.”

Unity continues the storyline of Reunions. A summary of Unity on Goodreads states: “Those Chase Boys, a sequel to Reunions, continues to follow the life of the Chase family. Elle, the matriarch of the family binds the family with her love and strength. In the previous book, Elle leans on her sons for support but the roles have reversed. Although babies, a wedding, a past relationship and a desperate drug addict may challenge her strength, Elle continues to stand her ground with her husband Danny right beside her.”

“I love to write about family,” said Peterson. “They say you should write about what you know. Family is the most important thing in my life and writing about it came very easily to me.”

Peterson is currently writing a third book about family.

 “It’s different from my first two books but I’m enjoying the process. I also have a children’s book that I’m looking forward to having published.”

All authors at some point in their careers are asked what their secret is to writing a successful book.

Peterson said, “For any aspiring writers out there – I would say, “Just do it! You will love the journey.”