RUSSELL – Karine Boucher, owner of Russell Foodland, is issuing a gourmet dinner challenge with a tasty twist; anyone who donates $100 or more toward Child and Youth Mental Health ( before Oct.1 will have their name entered in a draw for a gourmet four course dinner for four persons, including wine pairings.

The dinner will be served at Russell Foodland by Karine Boucher herself, along with local gourmet chef and wine connoisseur Doug Anthony who will oversee the food preparation and wine pairings.

Doug has received rave reviews for his high-end multi-course dinners. Donations must be made directly at Russell Foodland or by email transfer to: and a charitable receipt will be issued.

Also, anyone submitting a winning bid of $100 or more for Russell Foodland’s online auction (same cause – on Facebook at Foodland – Russell ON) will also have their names entered into the gourmet dinner draw, which will take place Fri., Oct. 2 at Russell Foodland.

The online auction will be posted Thursday, Sept. 24 and be open for bids until Sunday, Sept. 27 at noon.

Karine is hoping to raise at least $5,000 for this worthy cause. Let’s help her get there!