There was a steady stream of people who gathered at the Williamsburg Branch of the SDG Library on April 6, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the branch and to wish long-time LSA Beverley Richmire well as she prepares to retire. Seated, library service assistant Beverley Richmire. Back row, from the left, Cheryl Servais, Christina Thompson, Karen Franklin, Susan Wallwork and Eleanor Pietersma. Thompson Goddard photo

WILLIAMSBURG – On Sat., April 6, there was a steady stream of people at the Williamsburg Branch of the SDG Library, when long-time library service assistant Beverley Richmire was congratulated for her service as she nears the end of a 40 year career with the library. The celebration also included the 40th anniversary of the Williamsburg Branch.

Director of library services, Karen Franklin, in an address to those present, commented on the success of the Branch, mentioning how the local community “did everything perfectly to ensure the branch would succeed” before offering her congratulations on the branch’s lovely success story. Following Franklin’s remarks, Richmire was presented with gifts from SDG Library co-workers and staff that included some puzzle books, a gift certificate from David’s Tea, gardening supplies, a lovely bag and an owl to add to her collection. In a short address to those present, Richmire thanked the library patrons and commented how it was “wonderful working with you all.” As library patrons returned books, many congratulatory wishes and cards were presented to her in recognition of the service she had provided to the community. 

After a ceremonial cake cutting with Richmire receiving the first piece, she returned to her desk to begin checking in books. While working, she explained how 40 years ago a community member presented her with a letter of reference and suggested she apply to work at the Williamsburg Library which was in the process of being created. She applied for it, received the position and 40 years later reflected on the many changes seen at the library during her tenure.

The Williamsburg Library was first located in the former Williamsburg Township school section No. 12 located on County Road 2, until it was moved a few years ago to its present location in the North Williamsburg Recreation Centre. Some of the many changes Richmire has witnessed include the computerization of book processing and circulation, as well as the services provided by the library and the technology available to patrons.

Richmire commented “I love the community and the fact the library is a gathering place for the people.” In a press release from the SDG County Library on April 8, Cheryl Servais, district supervisor commented “Although we are happy for Beverley to retire and enjoy her post- library career, those who have met and worked with her will understand the hole her departure will leave for both patrons and colleagues.” Christina Thompson of Chesterville has been hired as the library service assistant for the Williamsburg Branch of the SDG County Library.