Maxville bakery celebrates 90th anniversary
The day before the 90th anniversary celebrations at Muir’s Bakery in Maxville, Alison Latimer with husband Matthew Latimer take a moment for a photo in the corner of the store which holds historical memorabilia, including a photo of his grandfather and grandmother. Thompson Goddard photo

MAXVILLE – Tartan Day 2019 was celebrated in a very special way at Muir’s Bakery in Maxville with a steak pie lunch served with a side of haggis and pipers from the Black Watch in Montreal playing Scottish tunes outside the bakery in celebration of the 90th anniversary of this family run business. 

Cheryl (Muir) Latimer, who owns the bakery with husband Ronald, explained her grandfather Samuel Muir, who had worked as a baker in Scotland, immigrated to Canada in 1924, and with his wife Jessie opened Muir’s Bakery in Pointe Saint Charles, Montreal. Latimer remembered spending many hours as a child at the bakery with siblings. The family run business relocated to this small North Glengarry community in 1997, when her two brothers who had been running the bakery since her father’s retirement moved out west.

She went on to explain that her father came out of retirement and worked at the bakery in Maxville in the early years and with a sense of quiet pride mentioned her son Matthew is now the fourth generation working in Muir’s Bakery. Latimer mentioned how through the years, since the move to Maxville, Muir’s Bakery has employed several local teenagers and participated in Co-op programs with local high schools, commenting that several drop in for a visit when they come home.

Latimer explained they use her grandfather’s recipes for favourites such as meat pies, bridies, empire cookies, shortbread and of course haggis, with some modifications for today’s food regulations. While haggis is known far and wide as a Scottish traditional delicacy made from sheep’s organ meats, oatmeal, onions, seasonings and suet, Latimer mentioned they now offer vegetarian haggis with the meat being replaced by carrots and kidney beans. 

When asked about the future, she said they were looking forward to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the business in 2029, mentioning plans for this year’s event include an opportunity for friends, family and customers to enjoy some traditional Scottish food and music.