Bravo Breakfast award winners
The Bravo Breakfast awards were presented on March 21. This years winners pose for a photo after receiving their awards. Pictured, from the left, Hope Muir, Ethan Sinett-Piche, Kaitlyn Provost, Saoirse McNamara, Patrick Daoust, Samantha Greer, Keaton Kargus and Andy Pres. Glover photo

RUSSELL – The Bravo Breakfast Awards are given to students who have made exceptional contributions to their schools and their extended Catholic school community.

From Mother Teresa Catholic School, Samantha Greer received the award for her devotion to her school, her church and the greater community. Greer, enthusiastically, participates in many groups including the Eco Club, which works to improve the environment, both locally and globally and the Japanese Club, which demonstrates her growing curiosity for diversity. She is also an avid social justice supporter who reads extensively about the life and works of Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani who advocates for educational opportunities for girls. On top of being a singer, avid reader, animal lover and Girl Guide, she continues to demonstrate curiosity and compassion with tolerance, generosity and determination.

From St. Mary Catholic School, Grade 5 student Saoirse McNamara was this year’s recipient for her resiliency skills and strong faith. Showing patience and guidance towards her peers, she sticks up for those who are being bullied and she speaks up for the underdog when others cannot. Showing off her leadership skills, she initiated the daily prayer on Wednesdays over the announcements after leading the daily prayer circle in her class. She comes to the office with the prayer prepared, and confidently leads the school in prayer over the intercom. Constantly full of positive energy, McNamara energizes her fellow peers to reach their full potential and continues to be a beacon of hope through her good example.

From St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School’s elementary side, Keaton Kargus was this year’s winner due to being known as one of the school’s most reliable students. On top of putting his best efforts towards his school work, helping others achieve academic standards and being a team player, he is also always ready to help his teachers when needed through his participation. This past year, Kargus was encouraged to apply to become a WEB Crew leader, a mentorship program where Grade 8 students help facilitate connections with other students and activities for new students. With a friendly demeanour and positive attitude, he was the perfect candidate to be selected for the program. During the WEB program, Kargus has shown tremendous growth in personal confidence through his interactions with his peers through various activities and he is always ready to take charge while mentoring the younger students.

From St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School’s secondary side, Patrick Daoust received the award for his thrill of volunteering with genuine eagerness. He demonstrates good work ethic and dedication through his leadership and mentoring in the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School Light and Sound Crew. Growing up on a farm, Daoust learned much from his younger experiences being involved in 4-H and other activities that continue to build the community up around him. With a combination of peaceful demeanour with tremendous resilience, Daoust continues to overcome many obstacles in front of him, while continuing to serve those around him.