NORTH DUNDAS – Ever since previous North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan announced his intentions of seeking the federal Conservative nomination for SDSG, people can not stop rallying their support for him, including other politicians in the area.

“It’s very humbling in the one sense that they have put their faith in our campaign and the experience that we’ve got,” said Duncan. “We’ve been very happy with the amount of people that have come forward, and I’ve been very lucky that we have supporters in these communities from every corner of the riding. That’s been helping us get a real good start on the campaign trail.”

Most recently, Duncan received a glowing endorsement from former Ottawa-East MP John Baird commenting on his work ethic and experience. “Eric [Duncan] has the experience and work ethic to be a great Conservative MP,” he said in a statement.

Duncan also received an endorsement from current SDSG MP Guy Lauzon, whom he has closely worked with for several years. “Eric [Duncan] is smart, kind, compassionate, hardworking, and exactly the type of candidate Andrew Scheer and our Conservative party need for a bright future,” he said in his statement.

Upon hearing the news of Duncan’s intention to run for the SDSG Conservative candidate nomination, current North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser also took to Facebook to express his support. “Eric Duncan has announced his intention to seek the federal Conservative nomination for the riding of SDSG. Let’s go Eric. I have been fortunate to sit at the Township of North Dundas council table as a councillor during Eric’s two terms as mayor and have witnessed first-hand the remarkable qualities he possesses. Eric’s leadership abilities, in-depth understanding of issues, forward-thinking, and compassion has enriched the lives of the residents of North Dundas, SD&G, and eastern Ontario. The next step in his political career, following the footsteps and with the guidance and mentorship gained from his years of working for Guy Lauzon, will ensure Eric will be able to serve Canada with the same passion. Eric, you have the support of the Frasers. Let’s go Eric.”

Jim MacDonell was one of the first local politicians to openly endorse Duncan. “Margie and our family have made a lot of friends during my time in public office. Eric Duncan has been there for us many times and now we are proud to be there for him as he seeks to become our next Conservative Member of Parliament locally,” he said in his official statement. “Eric is hard-working, caring, and has the experience and skills to do a great job. He has our full support- and we ask for you to join us!”

The federal election is currently scheduled for Mon., Oct. 21 of this year.