While they weren’t able to surpass last year’s fundraising total, the Osgoode Care Centre can still be proud of the $60,318 raised to help out with various projects to give seniors a better quality of life. Pictured from the left, Laurie Richard, co-ordinator of giving at the care centre, federal Liberal MP candidate Chris Rodgers, Helen Porteous from the Metcalfe District Lions Club, Osgoode Care Centre CEO and president Lori Norris-Dudley, Wendy Hill, director of resident and family services and Earl Stanley, owner of Stanley Olde Maple Lane Farm. Glover photo

EDWARDS – Despite failing to surpass last year’s total of $80,000, the Osgoode Care Centre still managed to raise a staggering $60,318 from their annual Busting Out the Brews event Fri., Feb. 1 at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm.

According to Laurie Richard, co-ordinator of giving at the care centre, the funds will go towards various priorities that need more attention due to the building’s old age of 30 years.

“We’re an aging centre at 30 years old and we need a new kitchen, a new water system and a mechanical lift for safer mobility. Currently, these are the highest priorities right now,” she said. “We have a lot of things going wrong in those areas and we need to fix them. Imagine living in a home for 30 years and nothing in the kitchen has been replaced.”

While this year’s event raised funds to help with the care centre’s troubles, Busting out the Brews was still on decline this year. Ticket sales were down and the silent auction raised $6,000 less than last year.

“We didn’t have as many eye-catching items up for the silent auction,” said Richard. “Last year, we had a trip to Toronto for a big play and we didn’t have anything in our selection this year that really caught people’s attention like that.”

Despite less participation and sales, attendees to the event still had a great time meeting with the local breweries and wineries while also enjoying live musical entertainment. Federal Liberal MP candidate Chris Rodgers came out to the event, saying that he always wants to support seniors’ quality of living.

“I live in Metcalfe, so this is a big part of our community and the Osgoode Care Centre is a hugely important part of the healthcare centre for the local seniors’ quality of life,” he said. “I’ve been involved a number of times with the care centre as a musician, helping form some of the events. We actually performed at this event a few years ago, so I was certainly happy to come out to support the centre. I know lots of people who have relatives who reside in the care centre and they do a great job caring for them.”

Lori Norris-Dudley, CEO and president of the Osgoode Care Centre, said that the event was still a great success and that everyone who came out contributed to a great cause.

“I’m very appreciative to everyone who came out to support the cause,” she said. “I’m very thankful to our community.”