Sharing the benefits
After many years of practicing yoga herself, Meghann Lynch (right) wanted to share with the township the positive experiences she has had by opening her own studio. North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser presented a certificate to her as a congratulations on the establishment of a healthy-living business. Glover photo

MAPLE RIDGE – Gracefully show off your best hero pose and move into warrior position because Meghann Lynch’s new yoga studio, HealthGirl is going to help stretch North Dundas into shape.

After a successful soft opening back in September, Lynch finally had her grand opening Sat., Jan. 26 at the Maple Ridge Centre, with participation that she did not anticipate.

“When we did a soft opening back in September, I thought that maybe I would have two days worth of classes and maybe a couple of people, but I ended up having to expand to 10 classes a week, to 14 classes a week and now 17 classes a week,” said Lynch. “I had to hire two other teachers to help me take care of it because teaching 17 classes on your own is a lot of work.”

After practicing yoga for about 16 years, Lynch noticed a lot of positive changes to her body and attitude and wanted to share this experience with others through the power of teaching.

“I started practicing yoga about 16 years ago and when I started, I was purely interested in the physical benefits. I wanted to get into shape and look good, but I noticed that the more I practiced, the better I felt,” she said. “Physically, I got stronger, but I just felt better emotionally, calmer and my anxiety was better. I simply wanted to bring that feeling to other people. So, when I finally went about getting teacher training, I noticed in our community we had a couple of teachers who came in once in a while but we didn’t have anywhere to come in on a regular basis every day, and I thought, ‘I really want people to bring this to the community to help people live happier, healthier, more active lives.’”

Mayor Tony Fraser and councillors Gary Annabelle and John Thompson were also in attendance at the grand opening to give their blessing and congratulations to Lynch.

“It’s great to see everyone here today as I give my sincere congratulations to HealthGirl Yoga Studio on your successful establishment of your business,” said Fraser, presenting Lynch with a certificate. “We appreciate your positive contribution to the Township of North Dundas. I would just like to say thanks on behalf of the residents of North Dundas for helping make our area a little healthier. It’s important to have people like [Lynch] to ensure that we have the opportunity to participate in healthier activities.”

Prices vary per class and age group. Individual classes are $5 for youth per drop-in class, while adults are $15. A six-class package goes for $72 and a 20-class package is $200, taxes not included.