Kory Glover
Villager Staff

RUSSELL – Starting Mon., Jan. 7, Russell Township’s recycling collection will be on a new schedule that will alternate every week between a grey bin and a blue bin.

During the week of Jan. 7, homeowners should set out their grey bin with the same mixed papers and cardboard that is always recycled. During the following week, the blue bin should be set out to recycle the same glass, metal and plastic items that are always recycled.

Don’t know what can and cannot be put in these bins? The Russell Township has the information needed to keep residents up to date.

When filling your blue bin, you can throw in plastic, metal and glass objects with some rules attached.

Plastic bottles and containers with the numbers one to seven can be placed in the bin, as long as metal handles are removed. Metal objects such as food and beverage cans, steel food cans, empty paint and aerosol cans (must be empty, dry and the lids removed) and clean aluminum plates and trays.

Glass items like clean jars and bottles are also permitted for the blue bin.

The grey bin permits the dumping of paper items such as cardboard, newspapers, flyers, magazines, envelopes, egg cartons, coffee trays, brown paper bags, cereal boxes, tissue boxes and large milk and/or juice cartons.

However, there are certain items that are prohibited from dumping in these bins. In the blue bin; no grocery bags, straws, stir sticks, bubble packs, toys, chairs, saran wrap, aluminum foil, pots, scrap metal or window glass and ceramics should be dumped.

In the grey bin, single juice boxes, soiled newspaper, tissue paper, paper towels, wax-coated boxes, soiled pizza boxes and laminated paper are prohibited from dumping.

If bins have incorrect contents not corresponding to the new schedule, they will not be collected.

For more information, you can visit Russell Township’s official website at http://en.russell.ca/residents/services_for_residents/garbage_and_recycling to get more informed on proper recycling in the area.