In high demand
The North Dundas Business Centre is located at 457 Main Street in Winchester, there are still spaces available for rent and are expected to fill fast in 2019.     Courtesy photo

NORTH DUNDAS – The North Dundas Business Centre, launched in the Fall of 2017, is swinging into high-gear.

With a focus on incubating local businesses towards increased profitability, this private-sector business venture was spearheaded by residents John and Sarah Meharg and their business partner and lawyer JP McAvoy. McAvoy is a local success story, coming from the McAvoy’s of Chesterville.

The incubator is business headquarters for entrepreneurs Hayley and Matt Cooke who have three companies involved: Cooke Scales, EvoWeigh, and Smith & Sayer cleaning products. Lisa Lalonde-Boucher also runs her startup Train Now Ontario and Premier Medics out of the Centre; as well as Bonnie and Jerry Wallace’s Wallace Ministries, and Development Services of Cornwall. Another success story is James Corkery, founder of IsoHemp Canada.Both the Mehargs and McAvoy have offices at the business incubator, including Armour Development Inc., the local developer building better housing/apartments for rent in the region.

“Without a place for small and medium sized businesses to work and learn together, the economy of North Dundas would continue to decline. Our business incubator provides a dynamic office environment for conversations and action to happen between entrepreneurs, owners, and mentors so that businesses profit and move towards longevity. Our incubator helps businesses resist the pressures put upon them to be everything to all customers, and we help them focus on their most profitable ventures so that their businesses work for them, not the other way around,” said John Meharg. 

The business incubator is a place where business events happen. A vibrant local real estate investment club meets monthly, as well as a technology investment evening. John Meharg heads up these events, and has been able to increase investments into the local towns making up North Dundas. “Investing locally helps us all. Investing in real estate and business is the engine that sparks the local economy. We’re doing this together, and bringing more money into this economy so more people can thrive,” he says.

The business incubator is located at 457 Main Street, Winchester. The incubator invites more entrepreneurs and business owners to join ranks and benefit from a professional work space created to spark profit.

Sarah Meharg says entrepreneurs should get in while they can. “We’ve had so much support from local politicians and the business community that we anticipate a full incubator in 2019. Ask yourself: Is your business profiting like it should, based on the work and sweat you put into it? If you’re sweating more than profiting, come and see if this is a good fit for you. Your family will thank you!”

To contact the Business Incubator, text John at (613) 355-1560.