It’s not news that the old Chesterville Record office at 7 King St. has been under demolition for the last week. Fast Eddie’s crew faced some delays but so far the back of the building is gone and the front will join it soon.

We have read and heard comments from many of our readers from far and wide who are disheartened at the loss of the historical site. The building in its prime was a beautiful structure, with towering ceilings and large windows to let in natural light. The Record was not the only business to pass through its walls; all with hard working employees and many writers who began their careers writing for the paper.

Lives were lived within. Moments and memories made.

We cannot speak for previous owners of the building and have no answers as to why it was not maintained in order to last the test of time. What we do know is, that despite the state of the building, the Record and sister paper AgriNews have always been cared for by owners, managers and employees alike.

The people that work here care about the community. They put their all into their jobs because they want the paper to remain a strong source for local news. There is no doubt that the nature of the community newspaper has changed, many have closed in the last couple years in neighbouring communities. But the Record and AgriNews have a bright horizon ahead in Chesterville at 29 King St., just a stones throw from the old location. Our new owners bring with them the means to continue Robin’s legacy and to bring the newspapers into the future.

As you say your goodbyes to the building, I hope that the memories made there will be told often. Whether you visited during the newspapers’ time there or another, those stories are worth telling, they are apart of the history of Chesterville and North Dundas.

Mourning the old building is a necessary part of the process, but I ask that you remember during your reflections that the Record is more than brick and mortar. It will transcend the loss of its original home because I believe it is not the building that made us. It is our people and you, our community. We are still standing and aren’t going anywhere.

Kalynn Sawyer Helmer