Haleigh-Jo tePlate competed in the Princess of the Furrow competition and successfully defended her title.      Glover photo

Plowing Class Results
Class 1A -Jointer Horse Plowing: 1 Samuel Bourgon, St. Isidore, 2 Aurel L’Heureux, Ferme-Neuve, Que. Class 1B – Sulky Horse Plowing: 1 Robert Jones, Brockville, 2 – Stephane Bourgon, Casselman. Class 2A – Antique Tractors with Trail Plow: 1 Jean Marc Dessaint, Sarsfield, 2 Andre Joly, Hammond. Class 2B – Antique Plowing, Competitors under 18 years of age: 1 Anthony Chevalley, Moose Creek, 2 Jeremy Chevalley, Moose Creek. Class 2C – Antique plowing with a hydraulic mounted plow: 1 Nicole Calande, Alfred, 2 Denis Bourbonnais, Gatineau, Que. Class 3B – Farm Standard – 3-furrow plows: 1 Cassidy Smith, Berwick, 2 Bernard Grady, Crysler. Class 4 – Competitors 18 years and under, open to all: 1 Patrick Daoust, Finch, 2 Jonas Goodman, Monkland. Class 5A – 2-Furrow Competitive Plowing: 1 Ron Stinson, Kemptville, 2 Allen Hills, Ashton. Class 5B – 3-Furrow Competitive Plowing: 1 Rob McDonald, North Lancaster, 2 Stephen Manley, Berwick. Class 7 Reversible: 1 Josef Bloderer, Mountain. Stormont County Princess of the Furrow – Haleigh-Jo teplate, Finch, Stormont County Queen of the Furrow – Faith Moore, Long Sault.

Best Open Split: Jean Marc Dessiant, Sarsfield, Best Crown: Nicole Calande, Alfred, Best Finish: Ron Stinson, Kemptville, Best Plowed Land by Antique Tractor & Plough: Nicole Calande, Alfred, Youngest Plower: Justin Manley, Berwick – 10 years old, Oldest Plower: Jean Guy Thivierge – 76 years old, Plower that travelled the furthest: Etienne and Aurele L’Heureux, Best Overall Plowed Land: Nicole Calande, Bernard Beehler Trophy Best Plowed Land by a Stormont Resident: Stephen Manley, Berwick.