Ruth Liscumb of Flair with Fabrics cuts the cake she received during the shop’s 25th Anniversary on Tues., Aug. 7. Liscumb opened her first shop in Chesterville in 1993 on Industrial Drive and now concentrates mostly on the art of quilting. Courtesy photo

Flair with Fabrics in Chesterville celebrated their 25th year in business on Tues., Aug. 7, with cake, donuts, punch and coffee. The shop’s owner, Ruth Liscumb was overcome with emotion meeting past employees and guests from near and far. Liscumb figured there were about 250-300 people that came through the store just on Tuesday and another 400 plus during the rest of the week. Liscumb added, “It was so good to see so many people from near and far (mostly far) and she received gifts of flowers and cards.” She said, people who love the craft of quilting are just so nice.” She really appreciated everyone from the local and quilting communities. Pictured are past employees Mary Nysten, Lara Mesman and Pauline Flegg. Current employees Katlyn Van de Ven, Nellie Van de Ven, Anja Berends, Megan Findlay (granddaughter) and Ruth Liscumb.      Courtesy photo