Jeff Moore
Record Staff
WILLIAMSBURG — The Major Green and White Pioneers from South Dundas partnered with the Winchester Sox to create a tournament team for a couple of upcoming tournaments in July and and August and named it the Dundas Cornhuskers.

The Cornhuskers were to have played an exhibition game on Sun., June 24, in Williamsburg against the Kemptville Wildcats but it was cancelled due to the rain but they will play their next game in Kemptville on Sat., June 30, at 6:30 p.m.

The two tournaments that the Cornhuskers will play are in Cornwall on the weekend of July 20 to 22 and in Kanata on the weekend of Aug. 3 to 5. The Cornhuskers’ line-up features Nicholas Guy, Kyle Hermer, Caden Holmes, Ryan Wilson and Patrick Guy from the Sox, Dawson Coleman, Tyson Wilhelm, Alek Larocque, Marty McLeod and Mason Hummel from the White Pioneers and Terence Mudde, Aiden Hutt and Cam Shaver from the Green Pioneers.

The coaches for the Cornhuskers will be Chris and Geoff Guy from the Sox and Brian Shaver from the Green Pioneers.