Aiden Laforest and his mom, Tonya just happened to stop by Fat Les’s Chip Stand in Finch one day and mentioned to one of the employees he was collecting drink tabs at his school to help make wheelchairs with the aluminum. Well, the news caught on like wildfire and the staff at Fat Les’s started saving the tabs from their restaurant. The owner of Fat Les’s, Jamie Scarfe’s dad, Clarence knew of a secret stash that his neighbour, Chase McMillan, along with his father, Ian and his mother Sandra had been collecting for 15 years or more waiting for the right time to donate the tabs. The McMillans donated about 95 pounds of drink tabs and along with the ones that were collected by Fat Les’s and Laforest, the total was around 100 pounds. Safe to say, that Aiden won the challenge at St. Andrew’s Catholic School. The ceremony took place two days before Fat Les’s one year anniversary. Pictured here are, Sandra MacMillan, Nick Laforest, Tanya Laforest, Jamie Scharf, Clarence Scharf and Aiden Laforest.     Moore photo