Highlighting local flavours
Annette Angus, owner/operator of The Terrace Green B&B and Terry Besner, economic development and communications officer for the United Counties of SDG hosted community members, business owners and dignitaries for a tourism week kick-off on Mon., May 28. Tourism Week is a national initiative to promote local Canadian tourism and highlight all that small towns like North Dundas have to offer.      Sawyer Helmer photo

SDSG MP Guy Lauzon spoke to the small crowd at the tourism week kick-off breakfast at The Terrace Green B&B. Lauzon said the more tourism Canada and local areas can attract, the moregrowth for the Canadian economy. Sawyer Helmer photo

WINCHESTER – Employees and leaders in SDG’s travel industry took part in a kick-off to Tourism Week on May 28, a special event designed to bring attention to the economic impact and social benefits of tourism in the community.

Approximately 30 people took part in the day’s event in a show of support for the tourism employees, businesses and local food producers in SDG.

The event started with the participants enjoying local food for breakfast from SDG:  True Bee Honey, Avonmore Berry Farm strawberries, Coffey’s Coffee, Simple Baked Catering croissants, Greg’s ham, Tim Burrell’s pears, Barkleyvale Farm’s maple syrup, Parmalat cheese and Ok Ranch eggs.

The table was also set with pamphlets from the local tourism offices, as well as the SDG Visitor Guide to highlight and promote tourism activity within the region. “Tourism also means business in our community, so many of our businesses are directly supported by the industry, with summer just around the corner, we look forward to welcoming our visitors to share and experience all that SDG has to offer,” said Annette Angus, owner/operator of The Terrace Green B&B.

The event also provided an opportunity to network and highlight events in SDG, through the local economic development and tourism staff.

Gina Dragone, food and agriculture development officer, also highlighted the “What’s your story” opportunity as she gathers some of the background history of local producers, and agri-food businesses. The collected works will be compiled and distributed throughout the region, but Dragone said the committee is not decided on the format just yet. “Agri-tourism is a huge opportunity for people to experience how we grow and what we grow,” Dragone said.

North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan spoke of building a brand throughout the region to showcase and promote the area’s opportunities. “Tourism is a key contributor to our economy, not only on a national level but also right here in North Dundas and SDG,” said Duncan. Tourism is a $91.6-billion industry in Canada that directly supports 614,600 jobs from coast to coast. This represents 9.2 per cent of all jobs in Canada and makes tourism the third largest job creator in the country.

This kick-off was organized as part of Tourism Week in Canada, a national initiative that runs through June 2 highlighting how Canada’s tourism industry contributes to the standard of living and quality of life of all Canadians.