A day to celebrate
Co-owners of the Crysler Home Hardware celebrate the grand opening on Fri., May 25, with the support of family. From left, Lyne Seguin, Delia Seguin, Pierre Seguin (co-owner), Emilie Seguin, Mark Begg (co-owner), Camdan Begg, Emily Begg, Brad Haffner (Home Hardware Corporate) and Handy the Helpful Hound.     Vogel photo

Co-owners receive the Home Hardware Saw to support their grand opening on Fri., May 25. From left to right, Pierre Seguin (co-owner), Brad Haffner (Home Hardware Corporate), Mark Begg (co-owner), and Handy the Helpful Hound. Mark thanked the community for their continued support and he looks forward to providing services to the community. Vogel photo

Carolyn Thompson Goddard
Record Correspondent
CRYSLER – Crysler Home Hardware held their Grand Opening on Fri., May 25, following a complete renovation of the store interior to increase the available retail space.

Mark Begg co-owner of the Crysler Home Hardware shares the excitement of the grand opening with his son Camdan (11-months-old) and his wife Emily. Camdan is the 5th generation in the Crysler Home Hardware. Vogel photo

Co-owner Mark Beggs told The Record in an interview Monday afternoon how his great-grandfather had bought the building when it was a sash and door enterprise, eventually getting into the building supplies and hardware business. Claude and Simone Quesnel bought the store from his grandfather in 1974 and in 2017, Beggs and partner Pierre Seguin purchased it.

The celebration included a well attended Ladies Night Out on Thursday evening with Diane Lunan from Marlin Orchards and Garden Centre near Cornwall who led a session on how to plant a spectacular planter.   The Grand Opening on Friday was followed by a barbecue with members of the Crysler Fire Department cooking and the Home Hardware mascot, Handy the Hound, greeting people at the store on Saturday with a Scratch n’ Save Day and an in-store taste testing event with Muskoka Brewery. More information is available on their Facebook page or at www.homehardware.ca.