A special mother’s day gift
Brooke Laplante poses with her mother on Mother’s Day May 13, after winning the $500 Stella’s Touch Day at the Spa at the 2018 Poutmasters fishing Derby.   Courtesy photo

RUSSELL – The Kin Club of Russell’s 19th annual Poutmasters Fishing Derby, held May 11 to 13 was a huge success said Kin Club of Russell’s Poutmaster chair Doug Anthony. “We had perfect weather all weekend, the fish were biting and the prizes and sponsorships were amazing this year.” said Anthony.

In total, 271 people registered for the annual mudpout fishing derby, including nine in the new Pro Series edition. A total of 413 fish were caught over the beautiful weekend. “For the first year, we were ecstatic with nine in the Pro Series…they were serious fishermen.” The Pro Series saw fishermen competing for the total weight of their five largest mudpout caught. The Pro Series winners (1st and 2nd) won cash prizes and all rankings were as follows:

Pro Series: 1st Shawn Laronde – 2.286 kilos; 2nd Justin Harten – 2.214 kilos; 3rd Mike Lamoureux – 2.198 kilos; 4th Jacquie Rail – 1.808 kilos; 5th Robert Armstrong – 1.584 kilos.

Youth Division: 1st Zachary Pichette – 552 grams; 2nd Jacob Lobban – 504 grams; 3rd Wyatt Rivet – 492 grams.

Adult Division: 1st Kevin Moore – 698 grams; 2nd Justin Harten – 616 grams; 3rd Diana Bereck – 610 grams.

Next year’s Poutmasters on May 10 to 12, will be the 20th anniversary, “Expect some big things!” said Anthony. For more information about pledges and sponsorships, please contact Doug Anthony at kindoug27@gmail.com.