Serves up
Owner-managers Stacey Weagant and Julie Black served up bratwurst to the hundreds of customers at Weagant Farm Supplies in Winchester for their 65th Anniversary and Customer Appreciation Day.    Sawyer Helmer photo

Vice president Laird Weagant and owner-manager Stacey Weagant showed visitors a vast selection of machines on display during the Anniversary and Customer Appreciation Day in Winchester on Wed., April 11. Sawyer Helmer photo

Kalynn Sawyer Helmer
Record Staff
WINCHESTER – Weagant Farm Supplies held their annual Customer Appreciation day on Wed., April 11. The event was attended by hundreds with cars lining the highway at the Winchester location. Owner-manager Stacey Weagant explained: “There are so many families and multi-generations coming through the doors. We’re really excited; it’s a great day.”

The annual event, which falls just before producers can get onto the fields, is a symbol of spring.

The event was lucky to have one of the few sunny days of this spring, giving some hope for warmer temperatures. “Sit up, look at the sunshine, we need more of it so we can get on the land. Everyone is here because they can’t be on the land,” said Laird Weagant, vice president.

Laird was happy to have a day to spruce up the shop and welcome everyone. “It’s truly a customer appreciation day. We can shut everything down and our employees get a day of relaxation. They take great pride in it as well, putting a lot of work into organizing everything,” he said. “And when we have close to 600 customers arrive, it’s pretty nice.”

The 65th Anniversary celebration featured good food and a lot of inventory on display. Most importantly it was a celebration of an accomplishment that has lasted through three generations of ownership. “Getting to 65 years is an accomplishment based on the people you have working around you. We have gone to the third generation that is managing the facility and quite simply it’s been supported by a staff of people that have just been great,” said Laird.