Community volunteers
Township of North Dundas Deputy Mayor Gerry Boyce and his wife Lorna, regular Meals on Wheels volunteers, are seen here as they prepare to set off for their regular Monday deliveries along the South Mountain route.     Courtesy Rooney photo

WINCHESTER – Across the province each year, over one million people receive home care and community support services — and the need is growing. The Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA) champions a strong, sustainable home and community support sector for all Ontarians.

The not-for-profit, community-based member organizations provide a wide variety of health and wellness services, which help a full range of clients, including seniors and people with disabilities, remain independent in their own homes and communities.

These compassionate and cost-effective services improve quality of life, and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, emergency room visits and premature institutionalization. They are the key to a sustainable health-care system for Ontario.

The annual March for Meals campaign is a chance for local, not-for-profit Meals on Wheels providers to celebrate their impact, and increase awareness of the availability and value of Meals on Wheels in our communities. The Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry are fortunate to have Community Support Services with many programs serving seniors and people with disabilities including the Meals on Wheels Programs. The Meals on Wheels Program is available in all five of Carefor’s sites – Nor-Dun Centre in Winchester, North-Stor Centre in Finch, South Stormont in Ingleside, Glengarry Outreach in Alexandria, and Glengarry Outreach in Lancaster.

The Carefor/Nor-Dun Centre in Winchester Meals on Wheels Program from January to December 2017 delivered 10,480 meals and the Going Home Program Meals on Wheels delivered 629 meals –for a total of 11,109 Meals on Wheels delivered. A total of 124 clients were served in this program in 2017 with 64 volunteers delivering the program in North Dundas for a total of 2,377 volunteer hours.

Take this opportunity to learn more about your local providers, and to spread the word among family and friends.

To acquire services or to get information call your community agency. In North Dundas call Carefor/Nor-Dun Centre (517A Albert St. Winchester) at 613-774-6109. For those who have computers learn more about local services available in your neighbourhood at