Future practitioners
Members of the Russell County 4-H Vet Club were some of the many 4-H members who were recognized at the annual 4-H awards in Limoges on Sat., Jan. 6.   Vetter photo

Candice Vetter
Villager Staff
LIMOGES – Russell County 4-H hosted its awards banquet on Sat., Jan. 6, at the Limoges Community Centre, and rewarded its members for their achievements throughout 2017.

What an achievement
Melissa Brisson was named the Russell County 4-H member who had completed the most projects in 2017, when she did 36 projects. Her sister Vicki came in second with 30 projects.
Vetter photo

The afternoon started with a demonstration dance from the Square Dance and Line Dance Club, who were festively arrayed in green skirts for girls and green armbands for boys. After a huge pot luck lunch, leaders recognized all the clubs present, including the Dance Club, Vet Club, Maple Syrup Club, Garden Club, Heritage Poultry Club, A World of Food in Canada Club, and Dairy Calf Club. Each club was called forward to receive certificates, and a most enthusiastic member was chosen each time.

That member then explained to the hall full of guests what their group had done last year which stood out. They all praised volunteers and professionals who had aided them. For example, leader Wilma Baas praised the veterinarians from Navan Veterinary Services and the farmers which aided the Vet Club. The club had visited barns, done pregnancy tests, measured calves, and participated in many veterinary activities. “This is my first year in 4-H, and we were taught a lot!” said most enthusiastic member Sydney Lemoyre,

Some members were recognized for completing many projects, including Vicki Brisson with 30, and her sister Melissa Brisson with 36. Mom Julie Brisson was recognized for being a leader for 15 years, and Eileen Blenkarn was recognized as a new volunteer. Her award was particularly special, as long-time 4-H volunteer Lois James explained. “We nominated Eileen, and she won, not just in Russell County, but out of all 11 counties in Eastern Ontario.”

Besides the above, thanks were also extended to volunteers and leaders Pegi Holtz, Lindley McPhail, Bonnie Bergeron, Wilma Baas, Jasmine Larocque, Natalie Baumgartner, Lois James, and over 100 sponsors.

The 4-H Dairy Achievement Day results were: Grand Champion Showperson – Claudine Baumgartner; Reserve Grand Champion Showperson – Celina Hildbrand; Honourable Mention Showperson – Vicki Brisson; Top Junior Showperson – Ceilidh Newman; Grand Champion 4-H Calf – Vicki Brisson; Reserve Calf – Eveline Hildbrand; Honourable Mention Calf – Anne-Marie Campeau; Champion Holstein – Eveline Hildbrand; Reserve Holstein – Samantha Hildbrand; Honourable Mention Holstein – Jonas Gyger; Champion Ayrshire – Graceson Bergeron; Reserve Ayrshire – Isabelle St. Denis; Honourable Mention Ayrshire – Sydney Lemoyre; Champion Jersey – Vicki Brisson; Reserve Jersey – Claudine Baumgartner; Honourable Mention Jersey – Taylor Henry; Best Bred and Owned Heifer – Eveline Hildbrand; and Champion Brown Swiss – Anne-Marie Campeau.

Russell County Judging Night results, with money awards sponsored by La Cooperative agricole d’Embrun, were: Novice – 1st-Nikki Legault; 2nd-Ryan Smygwaty; 3rd-Hailey Smygwaty; Junior – 1st-tied: Anne-Marie Campeau and Taylor Henry; 3rd-Isabelle St. Denis; Intermediate – 1st tied: Celina Hildbrand, Melissa Brisson and Clayton McWilliams; and Senior – 1st-tied: Eveline Hildbrand and Vicki Brisson tied; 3rd-Tamara Hamilton.

Members were also recognized for participation in: Citizen Congress, Provincial 4-H Leadership Camp, Youth Adventure Camp, Discovery Days, EastGen Showcase, Avonmore 4-H Calf Rally, Vankleek Hill Open Show, Russell Fair, 4-H Global Summit, Metcalfe Fair Regional 4-H Championship, and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair – TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic.

The Russell 4-H executive is made up of Natalie Baumgartner, Herman Akkermans, Wilma Baas, Bonnie Bergeron, Lois James, Wanda Williams, and Eileen Blenkarn.