Santa rides through Finch
After a full parade of decorated floats, wagons, and tractors, St. Nick closed the parade, riding through town in a festive red sleigh.      O’Donohue photo

Michelle O’Donohue
Record Contributor
FINCH –The season of holiday festivities continued in Finch over the weekend with several events planned on Sat., Dec. 16. The day began with Breakfast with Santa at the Arena Hall sponsored by the Finch Firefighters. Later, in the evening, crowds braved the cold weather to watch as the Santa Claus Parade wound its way through the streets of Finch beginning at the yard of Ted Moran & Sons on County Road 12, and ending at the arena. Finally, following the parade, a second event was hosted at the Arena Hall, a “Santa and Social Time” where families could visit after the parade, warm up, and visit with Santa.

During Finch’s Santa Claus Parade, two marchers carried a banner for Stormont 4-H, followed by a John Deere tractor adorned with lights, including an illuminated 4-H sign. O’Donohue photo

The blistering cold did not keep people away during the parade, as crowds gathered to see the creative displays light up the town. The main group of spectators appeared to congregate at the intersection of Victoria and Front Street, but onlookers were speckled along the path, with many taking advantage of having a house along the parade route, and holding parties on their lawns around bonfires to keep warm.

The parade included a variety of creatively decorated floats and vehicles, including tractors adorned with lights, pick up trucks carrying inflatables figurines, festive wagons, a boat, a horse and carriage, and much to the delight of the children present, a large float carrying their favourite characters from Frozen, Sesame Street, and Paw Patrol. Jim McDonell, MPP for SDSG was present to celebrate, and take part in the parade as well.

There were no bands involved in this parade, but children took it upon themselves to fill the night air with Christmas songs, breaking into a rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, as the parade was nearing its end, and anticipation for St. Nick’s arrival was high.

The parade concluded with Santa waving to spectators from a large red sleigh. Police escorts were on hand to block traffic, and guide the parade safely to the arena. Once all of the floats had arrived at the arena, parade participants were eager to get inside, warm up and enjoy some free hot chocolate and goodies. Finch Recreation sponsored the social hour. There was a large turnout at the hall following the parade, including many families with young children excited to meet Santa up close, and others taking the opportunity to socialize with friends and family. Donations were also being accepted all day for the local food bank.