Knitting for the Canadian North
The Stormont County 4-H Fall Knitting Club, the Knit Wits, under the leadership of Glenda Eden and Kim Barkley, held their Achievement Night on Nov. 27. They are pictured here with some of their projects, which when completed will be sent to the Warm Hands Network in Ottawa for distribution in the Canadian North. From left, seated are Lillian Flegg, Aurora Giroux and Clare Stewart; standing are Glenda Eden, Savannah Rochon, Grace Buiting, Janine Spichtig, Stephanie Spichtig, Kim Barkley and Nicole Spichtig.     Thompson Goddard photo

Carolyn Thompson Goddard
Record Correspondent
INGLESIDE – The Ingleside Branch of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County Library System was a busy spot on Mon., Nov. 27, when the 4-H Knit Wit Club held their Club Achievement Night at that location joining the Monday Night Knitting Club. The Club had held their regular meetings at the home of Rosemary Rutley who resides just outside Ingleside.

President Janine Spichtig opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge and then the members got down to the serious business of working on their knitting projects. Spichtig has been in the knitting club for the past four years and said that the completed projects will be sent to the Warm Hands Network in Ottawa.

Club Leader Glenda Eden explained how the Warm Hands Network works with people who knit and crochet to provide handmade wool items such as socks, blankets and mittens, which are in turn supplied to people in remote areas of the Canadian North.

Eden continued how the high cost of food and shelter in these regions results in the need for this assistance and conveys to those in the Far North their neighbours to the South care. She expects the completed projects will be sent to the organization in early 2018.

The work of the fall Knit Wits Club certainly exemplifies the 4-H Pledge recited at the start of the meeting which pledges “My head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country and my world.”

For more information on the Warm Hands Network, visit http:// warmhands The Stormont County 4-H Club is open to those 9-16 years old. More information is available on the Club’s Facebook page.