Canada Plum (Prunus nigra) is being proposed by CESA-EO and Trees for Tomorrow as the floral emblem of Russell Township, which is undergoing a rebranding process.      Photo courtesy Owen Clarkin

The Editor:
Russell Township is going through a branding exercise and we would like to emphasize the beauty of the natural environment in this area. Canada Plum (Prunus nigra) is one of the first “edible native trees” flowering in this area in May. The small fruit are delicious, if left to ripen fully on the tree.  The fruit is ideal for jams and jellies too. They are impressive to look at when in bloom. The Citizens’ Environmental Stewardship Association, East of Ottawa (CESA-EO) and Trees for Tomorrow (T4T) are promoting this native tree and flower to be considered as the Municipal tree and flower for the Township of Russell. We would like you to contact the Mayor and your Township Council if you agree with us.

We are working together to make Russell Township an environmentally friendly place to live, work and play.

Harry Baker, Russell