Nancy Miller-McKenzie

Muriel Carruthers
Record Staff
CHESTERVILLE – Transferred from the South Mountain branch recently, Nancy Miller-McKenzie has joined Chesterville’s Scotiabank as the new Branch Manager. The framed certificates of accomplishment positioned above her desk in such a modest office for the position reflect well her humility and professionalism.

Miller-McKenzie, the youngest in a family of six children born and raised in Mississauga, remarked that “people have always been my strength.” From a young age, she said, she had an interesting childhood and remembers how at age five she would escort her mother to various functions, including spending a lot of time at the curling club. With five older siblings, she “soon learned how to be personable.”

Having started 30 years ago in a credit union, first as a teller, Miller-McKenzie soon realized she really loved the client contact. She excelled quickly, moving from the teller position to the side counter, then to GICs, term investments, loans, mortgages to eventually becoming a loans officer and a manager. She was one of the first people licensed in 1993 to sell mutual funds in the banking system.

In 2002, she joined Scotiabank as a financial planner, has her certified financial planner designation and became the manager in 2013 at the South Mountain branch.

With the matching funds grant program, Scotiabank contributes to fundraising in the community. Staff have to be present and participate at the community fundraising events and volunteer their time, she said, and she will be right there with her team helping out.

Miller-McKenzie is customer- and community-focused. and her goals follow the Scotiabank vision of “You’re richer than you think.” She too is there to make sure current and future clients’ financial health with good planning remains in good shape. She is looking forward to meeting people in the community and welcomes anyone who wants to meet her. Just call to set up an appointment: 613-448-3909.