Screening newborns for heart disease
A number of staff and media attended the launch of the new Critical Congenital Heart Disease newborn screening test which was rolled out province-wide on Tues., Sept. 19, at the Cornwall Community Hospital.    Courtesy photo

Kalynn Sawyer Helmer
Record Staff
ONTARIO – The launch of Cornwall Community Hospital’s new Critical Congenital Heart Disease screening which has be added to Newborn Screening was on Tues., Sept. 19. The practice is being integrated province-wide, said Communication Coordinator Jolene Soares.

“CCHD screening is a safe, quick and painless test that can detect low oxygen levels, a common sign of CCHD. The monitor that is used is placed like a Band-Aid or sticker on a baby. The test is done at 24 to 48 hours after birth and take only a few minutes to complete. The results are available immediately,” explains a Newborn Screening Ontario fact sheet.

The condition is one that occurs when a newborn’s heart or major blood vessels have not formed properly and requires attention within the first year of life. “Although most newborns do not have a heart problem, early identification and treatment is vital in helping those who do,” continued the fact sheet.

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