2017/18 student council
The five elected student council members of NDDHS welcomed Grade 9 students on Thurs., Aug. 31, for the orientation fun day. From left, Rosie Backes – Communications, Jarret Williams – Athletics, Payton Halpenny – Prime Minister, Curtis Barkley – Commerce and Katherine Steele – Social Activities.      Sawyer Helmer photo

Vice-Principal Mr. Deighton led the Grade 9 students in a game of Simon Says during orientation on Thurs., Aug. 31. Sawyer Helmer photo

Rosie Backes
Minister of Communication
NDDHS – Welcome back students and staff of North Dundas! This is going to be an exciting year. We have already had a great Grade 9 orientation as student council, link leaders and the staff introduced the students to their new environment. Student council has lots planned for this upcoming year. These plans include spirit days, dances, and sports events. Also, as many of you may have noticed, North Dundas has a fresh new look, both inside and out. Coming up this week is picture day on Thurs., Sept. 7 and on Friday we have house colour day. Be sure to check the chalkboard in the hallway to find out your colour!