Trotting around
Horse and carriage rides were offered around the Upper Canada Village during Horse Lovers weekend from Sept. 2 to 4.     Sawyer Helmer photo

Kalynn Sawyer Helmer
Record Staff
MORRISBURG – Upper Canada Village’s Horse Lovers weekend drew in the crowds over the long weekend. The three-day event running from Sat., Sept. 2 to Mon., Sept. 4 hosted horses of all shapes and sizes for visitors to enjoy.

Horse whisperers showed some lucky spectators how to handle their horses using gentle touches or motions, giving the illusion of a great horse whispering power, at the Upper Canada Village during Horse Lovers weekend. Sawyer Helmer photo

In the fairgrounds, a few lucky spectators were chosen by the Minister to become part of the elite society of horse whisperers. The Minister was known in Celtic traditions as the master horse whisperer who could make the horse do anything he desired with just one word whispered into its ear.

The new horse whisperer recruits were taught how to make their steed back up and come forward with just a touch, then walk and trot in a circle. After the training was complete, the recruits were given the opportunity to ride their horses and test their skills.

Around the Village, horses were giving carriage rides and visitors could see plowing demonstrations from the mighty Clydesdale.

On Saturday only, Lindsey Partridge of Partridge Horse Hill brought three of her horses, including the palomino Dreamer, to do demonstrations for the visitors. Dreamer is the star of the 2017 film Unbridled which won Best Feature Film at the Equus Film Festival in New York – a festival which celebrates the artistic and creative efforts involving the horse.

On all three days, visitors had the chance to experience a parade of horses through the Village. All of the activities and demonstrations helped to educate and inspire awe for the majesty that is the horse.