Juniors meet Brooke
The Morrisburg Golf Club’ Juniors were invited to the Ottawa Golf and Country Club in Ottawa on Wed., Aug. 23, for the LPGA Canadian Pacific Women’s Open Pro Am tour. There was only one person the Juniors wanted to meet: that was Brooke Henderson and their dream came true. The lucky Juniors front from left, are Katherine Lough, Peyton Caron, Kyrstin McMillan, and Michael Millward; middle from left, Brooke Henderson, Zoë McMillan, Rhubi McMillan; back from left, Carolyn Weegar, Eric Millward, Victoria Lough and Alex Van Delst.       Courtesy photo

Carolyn Weegar
Special to the Record
OTTAWA—Morrisburg Golf Club joined the Ontario Golf Association Junior Links Program this year and as a result received a $500 grant which was spent on some much-needed junior golf sets. They were also invited to join the Canadian Pacific Women’s Open Pro Am at the Ottawa Hunt Club Golf and Country Club on Wed., Aug. 23.

Eight lucky junior golfers were randomly drawn to attend: Zoë McMillan, Katherine Lough, Kyrstin Fawcett, Rhubi McMillan, Peyton Caron, Michael Millward, Alex Van Delst, and Victoria Lough (Junior Chaperone).

Once at the Hunt Club, everyone participated in the CP challenge to hit a hole-in-one on the 155 yard par 3. All tried, valiantly, but without success – no one came home with a new Accura car but the experience is forever embedded in their memories.

The group was informed that Brooke Henderson had already completed her round. All Juniors were very disappointed and officials explained to them that the odds of getting Brooke’s autograph and walking with her in the Pro Am were very slim. They handled this like the little professionals they are.

The group then went to a putting green and watched the Pro’s putt and were able to obtain autographs as they arrived and departed the green. Enthusiasm abound. An amazing opportunity to meet and talk with many professional golfers.

They then visited the driving range to observe the ladies’ skill and expertise at their craft hitting their stack of balls. The Juniors were told that with practice they could do this one day. The ladies were phenomenal and hit the balls “a million miles” as the Juniors described. True. Very, very true! “Ooh’s” and “Ah’s” – were whispered, just like watching fireworks.

There was a larger putting green beside the driving range, when Brooke and Brittany Henderson were spotted. The Juniors were blown away and gradually worked their way down to a vantage point where they could watch Brooke putt. The kids waved at Brittany and she kindly walked over and had her picture taken with and signed autographs for all.

They asked her if Brooke could come over and she said yes when Brooke was finished. Kids from 7 to 12 were intently awaiting her visit, when after 15 minutes, Brittany came back and asked them to move to a remote spot.

Everyone was freaking out and waited another what seemed like an hour (10 minutes) and true to her word – Brooke started heading toward the excited group. Sensational! The Juniors were so well behaved and understood the environment they were in. Brooke arrived and it was mind-blowing. Everyone got their hats, flags, books and/or their personal t-shirts signed. She graciously embraced the enthusiasm of her tiny fans – took a few pictures and thanked the Juniors for their patience. Seriously, very classy.

Brittany and Brooke are known for their beautiful smiles and kindness to their fans. An amazing sister act. They are truly beautiful inside and out, and also amazing role models and professionals at such young ages – very inspirational!