The Editor:
Thank you to everyone for joining us in Berwick at the McIntosh Park on Sun., June 11. We were pleased to have a chance to talk with you and share our concerns.

Our next group meeting is scheduled for June 21, to prepare/share questions in preparation for EDP’s final community meeting on June 27, 3-7 p.m. at the Finch Arena (upstairs).

Recent communications available from the Concerned Citizens of North Stormont include our media release – June 1, 2017; a sample letter to the Minister of Environment & Climate Change (which you are free to make changes to and send as yours if you wish); a map of the proposed turbine locations which I hope you will be able to open (you can find others on the Nation Rise Wind Farm website, under “Project Documents”, after March 17; and an overview of the Renewable Energy Approval process and where we are in the process now.

You can also see links, including information about how the government handled wind turbine noise complaints between 2006 and 2014. (They have not released those reports from 2014 and 2017 yet.) Wind Concerns Ontario also has a wealth of information available at Google “EDP corruption charges.” You may find links to last week’s news articles on the topic – the charges are from Portugal.

As well, you can see a link to the official record of statements made in Thurs., June 1, Question Period at Queen’s Park. You can see the questions asked by six MPPs, and answers from the government. (MPP Jim McDonell represented us well.) There were an historic number of questions on wind turbine noise. Note especially the Minister’s statement that “We will be including and adding tonal testing…”

We (Wind Concerns Ontario) will be considering action plans based on the week’s events, soon.

Jane Wilson
Volunteer President, Wind Concerns Ontario

Margaret Benke
Concerned Citizens of North Stormont, Berwick