The St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School Ravens hosted their 2016-17 Athletic Awards on Thurs., June 8. The award winners are: (not in order) Senior Football Offensive MVP: Ben MacDonald; Junior Football Offensive MVP: Joe James; Senior Football Defensive MVP: Nick Goodwin; Junior Football Defensive MVP: Josh O’Donohue; Senior Football Team Player: Thomas Baas; Junior Football Team Player: Kieran Mulligan; Golf MVP: Thomas Fitzpatrick; Golf Team Player: Elijah Wardrop; Varsity Rugby Backs MVP: Ruthie MacGregor; Varsity Rugby Forwards MVP: Berkley Parisien; Varsity Rugby Team Player: Emilie Vézina; Varsity Hockey Offensive MVP: Hannah Marcellus; Varsity Hockey Defensive MVP: Kelly Forrester; Varsity Hockey Team Player: Adelle Johnson; Junior Soccer Offensive MVP: Kate Thompson; Junior Soccer Defensive MVP: Abbie-Rose Forde; Junior Soccer Team Player: Emma Patterson; X-Country MVP: Rachel Fiset; X-Country Team Player: Noah Hill; Junior Volleyball Team Player: Kayla Smith; Junior Volleyball MVP: Charlotte Wickens; Varsity Soccer Offensive MVP: Austin Lapensée; Varsity Soccer Defensive MVP: Jordan Radix; Varsity Soccer Team Player: John Watson; Senior Volleyball MVP: Kylie Knap; Senior Volleyball Team Player: Danica Holland; Senior Hockey Offensive MVP: Noah Edmonds; Senior Hockey Defensive MVP: Caleb Gervais; Senior Hockey Team Player: Matt Robinson; Junior Hockey Offensive MVP: Jeremy Cyr; Junior Hockey Defensive MVP: Toby Byrne; Junior Hockey Team Player: Eathen Felts; Senior Basketball Offensive MVP: Kylie Knap; Senior Basketball Defensive MVP: Kailah Stoddard; Senior Basketball Most Improved Player: Annie Mackinnon; Junior Basketball Offensive MVP: Megan Poirier; Junior Basketball Defensive MVP: Kristen Davidson; Junior Basketball Team Player: Kayla Smith; Senior Basketball Offensive MVP: Trent Thompson; Senior Basketball Defensive MVP: Lucas Thompson; Senior Basketball Team Player: Nick Goodwin; Junior Basketball O-MVP D- MVP: Macen Birch; Junior Basketball Team Player: John Watson; Track & Field MVP: Eriq Secchi; Track & Field: Colin Robertson and Peter McCannell; Baseball Offensive MVP: Hayden McNab; Baseball Defensive MVP: Eric Lamoureux; Baseball Team Player: Joshua Taylor; Senior Softball Offensive MVP: Maddie Leavitt; Senior Softball Defensive MVP: Caitlin Soares; Senior Softball Team Player: Rachel Fiset; Junior Softball Offensive MVP: Maddie Rowan; Junior Softball Defensive MVP: Alayna Gaudette; Junior Softball Team Player: Courtney Daley; Athlete Of The Year Junior Boys: Joe James; Junior Girls: Rachel Fiset; Senior Boys: Thomas Fitzpatrick; and Senior Girls: Kylie Knap.      Courtesy photo