The Editor:
Raising awareness for the Children’s Treatment Centre

I would like to congratulate all staff of the Bank of Montreal in Dundas County and the efforts of the North Dundas Leo’s Club for their hard work in raising awareness and needed friends for the Children’s Treatment Centre which serves all children in the three United Counties. CTC provides free counselling for all children in Dundas County who have been abused. These children are aged 5-17 and need assessments and treatment. CTC is not supported by government funds but monies solely given from our community. If you have not made a donation, kindly make one by cheque or bank draft payable to the Children’s Treatment Centre and leave it at a Bank of Montreal Branch in Dundas County or my office in Chesterville/Morrisburg.

The Bike-a-Thon Plus was a great day and everyone had fun participating by yard sale, walking or biking.
Douglas Grenkie, QC., LSM