Bringing music to SD&G and the surrounding area for 35 years. Courtesy Photo

WILLIAMSBURG – People love having fun at all kinds of events.

From anniversary celebrations to weddings to company Christmas parties, events can be framed and given a distinct flavour with the addition of music.

Steve Barkley of Soundtastic Productions in Williamsburg has brought music to events across the region for more than 30 years.

From a birthday party to any kind of special event, the music that goes along with that event can make the difference between a good or bad night for your guests.

If you can find the perfect DJ for your event, your guests will have a great evening.

An experienced DJ will be able to pick the music that works best for a particular event. A DJ that listens to what their clients would like to hear will help make that event unique, allowing a crowd to generate as much positive energy as possible.

Someone with the right experience, equipment, music knowledge, and personality to make sure you have a memorable event is the DJ you want to have. Steve Barkley said, “I started back in 1988. I did some music in my parent’s basement for my aunt and uncle’s 20th anniversary.”

After that experience Barkley said to his music teacher at school that he did not know if he wanted to play drums or work as a DJ.

“My feet do not work as well as I’d like them to, so I played with some electronic drums. My uncle said to me that if I do not become a DJ, I will have missed out on something that was a natural calling.”

The rest, as they say is history.

He considered working in the radio industry but as he worked bringing music to weddings and stags, he realized being a DJ was what he wanted to do.

“If you are doing something that you love, it is not work at all,” he said.

Back in 1988 his parents bought the equipment he would need to bring music to events.

“My first booking was in November of 1988, and it was at the little hall in Mountain for the Mountain Township Fire Department. It was their Christmas party.”

That experience convinced him he wanted to do more.

Much of his music collection is on CDs, which enables him to develop, an extensive musical library. The number of songs he has stored away is in the thousands.

Anyone who has to organize all of the details of a wedding knows the effort it takes to get all of the working parts of an event in place.

An experienced DJ will make sure to work with the venue and the mood of the event, making sure the timing is correct, and everyone is happy.

Having a DJ that can help you look after the all-important music for your event is very important.

Barkley said working with his clients is a priority. He listens to what they want to do and then creates the playlist to fit in with the event. He also can create a special playlist if a client asks for it depending on what is going on at the event.

He can also help clients find the other items they need for their event like tables and chairs.

Before switching to CDs for his music, he used cassettes.

“I wore out many cassettes from different artists.”

Barkley works with different organizations using his musical expertise to bring an event to life.

He has hosted music events for different charitable groups.

Times have changed when it comes to what music is played at a wedding for example.

Barkley said, “It used to be about your guests, but I have noticed that now a lot of brides want to pick every song.”

He tries to match the music he plays to the age or interests of the crowd listening.

When not bringing music to a crowed dance floor, Barkley will, when asked, also set up the sound system for live bands playing on stage during a fundraising event.

“If it is a dancing event, you want to keep the dance floor full,” he said.

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