The Nübuild factory would build houses using the latest technology and robotics. Courtesy Photo

RUSSELL – European building construction technology coupled with Canadian entrepreneurship came together at the April 24 Russell council meeting when award winning Canadian home construction company Nübuild, presented their vision of their project for Russell’s industrial park.

The project would see a factory built in the industrial park that would be the first of its kind in North America. Based on German and Swedish technology, the factory would be using AI and robotics to build homes. The homes built in separate sections in the building plant can be shipped to wherever they are needed.

The advantages to building homes this way are revolutionary for the North American housing market.

The cost of the project is estimated at $300 million. While Nübuild is putting up $150 million of their own money, they are also asking for loans from the federal and provincial governments and the Canada Pension Fund for the balance.

Then the Liptak family started the construction business in 1956. By 1998 Nübuild had one foot in the construction business and another in innovative technology.

Its presentation stated: “We decided to replicate one of the most advanced factories in the world. Lindback’s in Sweden.”

The factory would need 650 employees working three shifts. It would be the largest private sector employer in the United Counties of Prescott Russell. The employment spin-offs from the factory are estimated to be at least 5,280 jobs.

Nübuild does not appear to want anything from Russell Township other than its moral support, as it works with federal and provincial governments.

The president and CEO of Nübuild John Liptak has made it very clear that his company wants to make a difference in the Canadian home construction industry. He said, “To achieve meaningful carbon reduction, sustainability, and affordable housing goals, we need to urgently transform Canada’s construction industry. That’s what Nübuild is all about.”

Nübuild is a family business. John Liptak Sr. came to Canada from Germany in 1954 with a strong work ethic and trained in the art of furniture making and cabinetry. He quickly expanded his business into home renovations and custom homes. Today that business has expanded into 14 companies.

His son John Liptak learned the business from the bottom up. Starting by cleaning job sites at the age of 11, he graduated with honours and highest marks with both Ontario and Inter-provincial as one of the youngest licensed Carpenters in 1978.

John Liptak said the funds they are looking for would be in the form of loans that Nübuild would be paying back.

He said the kind of factory he wants to build in Russell follows the design of similar factories in Germany and Sweden.

“It is starting to spread around the world, but we have nothing like that here in North America yet.”

He expects Nübuild will be working with local businesses as much as possible.

“Everything that is built here will be sold here.”

He explained that with traditional home building you are out in a field at the mercy of the elements. In the factory you can assemble a home in separate blocks indoors then send them out to be put together into a home or apartment building.

Liptak said he is in discussions with federal and provincial leaders to move the project along as soon as possible.

Mayor Pierre Leroux is excited about the prospect of the kind of development of Nübuild.

“It would basically put Prescott Russell on the map internationally,” said Leroux.