Is there a better way to spend a Friday evening than visiting with friends, enjoying refreshments, while supporting your local high school? For those attending the “Come and Tackle Tagwi Trivia” event held on April 14 in the Finch Community Hall, the answer was a resounding NO! A huge thank you to the organizers of the event, seen from the left, front row: Jill Robinson, Claudia Goodman, Stephanie Kinnear, Maria Barzso-Paul, Karen Alt, Tara-Lynn Chenier, Karen Nadeau. Back row: Brandon Coleman, Ann Evans, Carey Kronwald and Tammy Casselman. See page 7 for the full story.   Thompson Goddard Photo

FINCH – It was a full house at the Finch Community Hall on April 14, with the community gathering for the “Come and Tackle Tagwi Trivia event. Tagwi Secondary School principal Cary Kronwald explained the event, organized by members of the Tagwi School Council, was raising funds for improved programming for students. Jill Robinson, a member of the trivia night organizing committee, explained approximately 140 people attended the event ready to answer the questions posed by Tammy Casselman. She continued there would be 100 questions, with an additional 10 musical questions for guests to answer during the event. For those who worked up an appetite there were munchies on each table as well as the opportunity to order items from either The Finch Restaurant or Fat Les’ Chip Stand in Finch.

“It’s a wonderful experience for the parents and the community to come together for the school,” commented Kronwald. Robinson wished to thank those who had donated items to the silent auction, to the Finch Recreation Committee for donating the use of the hall for the event and to the community members for coming to the event and supporting Tagwi Secondary School.