Karen and Darren McGuin are the driving force behind Birdie Blocks; a better way to feed the local birds of Eastern Ontario. Their motto is “Less Mess, Less Waste, Less Time.” Courtesy Photo

They say that when you choose a name for your business it should be easy to remember and something that accurately describes what you do. If that is the case, then Darren and Karen McGuin of Iroquois, the founders of Birdie Blocks nailed it.

Birdie Blocks are premium birdseed formed into blocks and cylinders. The “secret” ingredient, gelatin, is what allows them to hold their shape.

“There is no filler in Birdie Blocks,” says Darren. “We use only premium seed, and seed that is specific to the native birds of this area.”

Simple to use, and no mess. Traditional loose seed doesn’t always end up in the feeder or stay there if it does (or so my experience has been.) With Birdie Blocks you don’t have that problem. Their tag line is “Less Mess, Less Waste, Less Time.”

“You need to think about caring for the birds the same way you think of taking the dog for a walk,” says Darren. “That doesn’t mean it has to be work. We try to make it so you get the benefit with less effort. It’s not necessary to have to fill the feeder every day.

Birdie blocks are in seeds that are of interest to a particular species of birds. They have nine varieties: BirdieBlock Gold, Bluejay Favourite, Peanuts, Sunflower Hearts, Cardinal Blend, Nyjer and Hearts, Songbird Blend, Natural Squirrel Buster, Nut and Worm buffet.

You might be able to guess which species of bird is the most popular based on the amount of Birdie Blocks sold. “That would be the Cardinal,” said Darren. “Everyone loves Cardinals.”

Birdie Blocks is also more than just seed. “We don’t just sell the blocks,” says Karen, “We also have a variety of feeders.” The feeders are handcrafted from cedar and are designed for use with the blocks and cylinders. They keep adding to the selection as well. A woodpecker feeder will soon be available.

Currently Birdie Blocks make a point of being at just about any venue they can find to sell their product and serve all Eastern Ontario. “One thing we should mention is that we do delivery as well,” said Darren. “We post on Facebook when we are going to be someplace,” added Karen, “Like we will be in Kemptville later this week. People can contact us and schedule a time and we’ll make sure we have the product they need.”

If you can’t wait to see them at a show, you can also contact them anytime to purchase directly.

Birdie Blocks are a genuine team effort, but their work spreads beyond just a better way to feed the native species of Eastern Ontario. “It doesn’t need to be a lot of work,” says Darren. “We make it easier for people, the birds are happy, and everyone gets to enjoy it. Everyone wins.”

For more information on Birdie Blocks you can email them at custombirdieblocks@gmail.com, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/birdieblocks or give them a call at 613-805- 5399.

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