SOUTH STORMONT – Plans are moving ahead for Avenue 31’s planned Long Sault Logistics Village Development in South Stormont.

Described on the website of Avenue 31 as a “680-acre master planned transmodal logistics village to be anchored with a 50–100-acre rail yard. It’s bordered to the north by Highway 401, the busiest goods movement corridor for transport trucks in Canada, and to the south by a CN main cargo line, the busiest cargo rail corridor in North America.”

Avenue 31 is a real estate development and investment company based in Ottawa that buys and develops income- producing properties. For several months, Avenue 31 has been working with the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry as well as the Municipality of South Stormont on this project.

“We are very excited that Avenue 31 has decided to bring their development to the Township of South Stormont. As the project unfolds, we can expect to see our economy benefit from new jobs, a significant increase to the tax-base, and a great new community partner,” commented South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis.

A presentation was made to South Stormont council in November 2021 outlining the project which will be located north of Long Sault. In that presentation, company officials provided an outline which communicated information on the three phases of the project. Phase one included the development of a business case and conducting due diligence and site investigations. The second phase would involve consultations with the municipality and an application to “CN for corridor access” and the submission of a site plan for Phase A, with the third phase planned for 2023 to include planning approvals, construction of the rail yard and development of onsite infrastructure.

“Avenue 31 has been fantastic to work with, they have been forthcoming at every step and communicated their visions for the site with South Stormont council, staff, and residents from the onset. This is a great economic investment opportunity not only for the township and County of SD&G but for eastern rural Ontario and we look forward to realizing this exciting, strategically located development,” commented Karl Doyle, South Stormont director of building and planning.

Doyle mentioned how two weeks ago, a Draft Plan of the subdivision application was received by the United Counties. He continued how “the process would include creating a number of development parcels along with a county road bisecting the property out to Avonmore and Moulinette Road.” The county level provides the approval for the application after provincial agencies and the Township of South Stormont provide their comments to them. There is an open house being planned for April 2023 by the developer, county, and municipal staff. Doyle mentioned this is a multi-year project that should create upwards of one thousand jobs with the initial development beginning soon.

 “The Long Sault Logistics Village is located within the Township of South Stormont, in close proximity to Highway 401. It’s a unique project that involves a rail yard being described as an “inland port”, which will alleviate the pressure on existing rail yards that are over capacity and allow for the faster shipment of goods. The 680 acre project will include a wide scale logistics village. The development company, Avenue 31 are currently working with companies interested in building in our area. The project will have a major impact on SDG bringing an estimated 1,500 new jobs. The county and township are working with Avenue 31 on this project and are excited about the positive impact it will bring to the growth of the community,” commented SDG director of economic development Tara Kirkpatrick, in a recent email to The Record.

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