The 2023 Crysler Farm Show was organized by Marcel Lafrance of the Crysler Community Centre Committee (CCCC), assisted by members and volunteers of the organization. The 2023 Seed and Forage Show, organized by the Stormont Seed and Soil Improvement Association was an integral part of the event. From the left: Jeff Waldroff, Marcel Lafrance, Kevin Glaude, Henry tePlate and Barbara-Ann Glaude. Thompson Goddard Photo

CRYSLER – Organizers report a great turnout at the 2023 Crysler Farm Show (CFS) held in the Crysler Community Centre (CCC) on March 2 and 3.

Organizer Marcel Lafrance, a member of the CCC Committee board of directors, explained the first post-pandemic CFS was very successful with 31 retailers/vendors or exhibitors in attendance, machinery on display outside the Crysler ODR and the 2023 Stormont Seed and Forage Show being an important part of the event.

Lafrance explained the event provides an opportunity for the community to socialize, educate young people about agriculture, as well as learn about innovations and products for the agricultural community. Lafrance mentioned holding the event on Thursday night, as well as Friday, which began in 2017, to allow for more people to attend the event. He noted there was a great turnout to the event on Thursday night, mentioning there was a lot of interest at the Stormont Pizza Eaters booth as the 4-H Club held their achievement night.

As the clock moved closer to the 3 p.m. announcing of the award winners of the 2023 Stormont Seed and Forage Show, a crowd began to assemble near the displays. A hush fell over the centre as the award ceremony began, with presentations moving swiftly to conclusion. Premier Exhibitor was awarded to Glaudale Farms Inc. of Berwick with 162 points, with the Reserve Premier Exhibitor won by Claude Farley of Crysler with 154 points.

The Champion Forage exhibit (hay, haylage, baleage, corn silage) was won by Glaudale Farms Inc., the Champion Haylage (haylage, 2 baled haylage classes) was won by Paynebranch Farms; the Champion Shelled Corn by Alex Beaudette; the Champion Grain Corn by Glaudale Farms Inc., Champion Corn Silage by A&J VanderWeilen; Champion Soybeans by Alex Beaudette and Champion Cereal by Glaudale Farms Inc.

Several winning entries will be competing in the Ottawa Valley Farm Show scheduled between March 14 to 16 at the EY Centre in Ottawa.