Archel Imperial brings her years of experience and neighbourly attitude to the Iroquois Foodland. Morin Photo


IROQUOIS – Archel Imperial the franchise owner of the Iroquois Foodland celebrated her first year at the grocery store. The anniversary marked much more than the celebration of the ownership of a local business, one that is vital to the Iroquois community; it was also a celebration of the remarkable dedication and work ethic of Archel Imperial. Imperial is the middle child in a family of eight in the Philippines. Both her parents worked in the rice fields of various farms in the region her family lived. When she was only eight years old she would work along side her parents harvesting rice. Her work ethic was formed at an early age. In 2012 she had an opportunity to move to Winchester and it was while she was in Winchester that she happened to make a visit to the Job Zone looking for work. At that time Winchester Foodland was looking for people and she was hired as a clerk at the old Foodland location. It was not long before management at the grocery store realized how committed she was to her job. She was made the Deli and Bakery manager at the store. Five years later Winchester’s Foodland moved to its new location at the newly built store at the intersection of County Road 31 and Main Street. She remained looking after the deli and bakery section. Imperial had her own dream of rising through the ranks of the grocery business and learned as much as she could about all aspects of her now growing job and its attendant responsibilities. One day, her district operation manager, Scott Foley was visiting the Winchester store. “He asked me if I was interested in applying to the company’s franchise program,” she said. That year 14 Foodland employees from across Ontario applied for a spot in the program and only five were selected. With support of Pettigrew and Foley, she decided she would apply for a spot on the program. After eight months of training, a few years of helping out management in other Foodland stores, Imperial was ready to make that next big step. All in all it had taken Imperial five years to be ready for the next step. The Iroquois Foodland location became available and she was more than ready to assume ownership of the grocery store. “I had no doubt about this,” she said. “Owning your own store is similar to running your own department.” An important part of the Foodland culture is the help owners give each other. Foodland prides itself on having fresh food for friendly neighbours. Whenever possible Foodland brings in fresh products from farms right here in Ontario. Imperial’s work ethic, and genuine affection for her customers makes the grocery shopping experience at the Iroquois Foodland a special one. The Iroquois Foodland is located at 37 Plaza Drive, in Iroquois. Its phone number is 613-652-4814. The store’s email address is If you would like to have a light shined on your business, please contact us at: or call us at 613-448-2321.